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HP TouchPad running an SNES emulator on Cyanogen Mod with the Sixaxis PS3 Controller app

If you were one of the many people who rushed out and got yourself an HP TouchPad for dirt cheap and have been enjoying fiddling with it, stuffing Android ROMs on it and all the other fun stuff you can do with it, you’ll be interested to see this great little gaming setup for the HP TouchPad as well.

Running Cyanogen Mod 7 and using a Sixaxis PS3 controller, then stuffing a SNES emulator into the mix, this user going by the name of tailsadventure (Sonic reference?) has created himself a nice, portable SNES console system with his HP TouchPad. The SNES emulator he is using is called the SuperGENS (Lite version) although there is also a full version on the Android Market for $3.99 as well.

Using the emulator to play SNES games on his HP TouchPad which has been outfitted with the CM7 Rom, he is able to play all the SNES games he wants (and that work with SuperGENS) on his HP TouchPad. Combining that with the Sixaxis controller app which allows you to use up to four dual-shock PS3 controllers for playing games on your Android device, he literally now has a portable SNES console which he could technically play games on along side his friends.

The Sixaxis app only works on rooted Android devices but that obviously isn’t an issue considering this is an HP TouchPad running CM7. You can check it all out in action in the video above. It’s a pretty awesome DIY project.

Thanks to Zach for the heads up!

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