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Preview of anime inspired action game called Ashley Ao for Android

There is an interesting looking game currently being developed by Honey Tribe Studios, in partnership with Ryan Jackson, called Ashley Ao. This is an anime inspired action game that will be landing on both Android and iOS soon and features some pretty interesting gameplay mechanics and art.

Ashley Ao is sent to a planet in order to stop a planet from being terraformed for a foreign species who wants to make it their home. There will be two types of gameplay involved but the developers have only let out one of the two so far, which you can see in the preview video below. It’s like a consistent running style of gameplay but with combat skills that can be used while running. You can even pull off combos! That is the only type of gameplay the developers are showing right now although they have mentioned there is another type of gameplay mechanic for Ashley Ao aside from this. They just won’t say what that is, yet.

Combat is done through two action buttons on the screen and with how the game is set up you can, if you get real good at the game, do huge strings of combo attacks between ground and air attacks. Swiping your finger up or down will also change ‘lanes’ between the closer lane to you or the further away lane. The graphics are all hand-painted digital images and, as you can see in the video above, look pretty unique. It does look like the animation could be a bit more smooth but other than that it looks pretty fun so far.

Unfortunately there is no release date announced but we will try to find out when we can expect it to land on the Android Market along with what the other gameplay mechanics are supposed to be.

Developer Website: Honey Tribe Studios

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