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Official trailer for the Knahswahs Prison content update for Order & Chaos MMORPG

While everyone is concerned with the current security breach and account hacks happening with Gameloft’s MMORPG called Order & Chaos, we thought it might be a good idea to bring some good news about the game for a change while we wait for Gameloft to get back to us about all the security stuff.

The new content patch brought with it a whole new dungeon to the Android version of Order & Chaos called Knahswahs Prison with both a normal and legendary mode to it. This new content patch dropped onto Android a couple of days ago and for all the details about the update, feel free to check out our original article announcing the update. The update was good news as it came a lot faster than most people expected it to but for some reason we missed out on seeing the official trailer for the update.

So today, since we spotted the official trailer for it, we’ve decided to show it off anyways while we wait to hear back from Gameloft regarding the security issues. Enjoy and as soon as we hear back from them, we will post an update about the current situation.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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