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Sony considering bringing the Playstation Suite to other non-Sony Android devices

Apparently Sony is considering bringing their Playstation Suite to other non-Sony and Sony Ericsson devices according to reports surfacing. SCE chairman Kaz Hirai mentioned yesterday that third-party Android devices could soon see the Playstation Suite available to them.

Currently, aside from a select few devices such as the Xperia Play, PS Vita and the Sony tablets, the Playstation Suite isn’t available on any other devices, Android or not. This could possibly change soon with Kaz Hirai’s comments from yesterday at the AsiaD Conference:

This isn’t an ecosystem where we want to keep everything within the Sony family. That’s the beauty of Android. We’re in discussions with non-Sony companies to bring them on board. We’ll make those announcements when it’s time to go public with it. This is not just for Sony devices.” – Kaz Hirai at AsiaD Conference


This could mean that we will start seeing more Playstation Certified Android devices in the near future if this does actually go through. Currently the Playstation Suite offered up a selection of PSOne titles and original games for people to play on the devices it is available for, with the most recent device receiving the Playstation Store being Sony’s Tablet S.

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The real question is though, even though Sony is planning on expanding the selection of games steadily over the next short while, is this something you would want on your Android device? Sony did reveal a list of the apparent first 25 games slated for the Playstation Suite, some of which are already out now, during the Tokyo Game Show. The selection of future games could make this worthwhile though now that the SDK is available for developers.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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