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Gameloft puts up Order & Chaos Online and BackStab on sale for $0.99

Gameloft is up to their sales again and this time it’s for Halloween. This time, however, it isn’t just for UK residents but for everyone as the sale is actually on the Android Market. Currently two titles, Order & Chaos Online and BackStab are on sale for supported Android devices.

Both games are pretty good and the sale price of $0.99 can’t be beat, especially for Order & Chaos considering it’s a subscription-based MMORPG and when you buy it, you get three months of gameplay free before having to pay a subscription fee in order to continue playing it.

We do think that ORder & Chaos Online was picked as one of the two games in order to try and win back some players, while gaining new ones, in light of the recent security breach which saw some peoples accounts hacked and their gear/gold taken from them. This issue is still being worked on and should hopefully be fixed soon. Both games are available on the Android Market on sale for $0.99 for supported devices and no word yet if Gameloft is going to change the games on sale every day until Halloween or if it will remain just these two.

In any case, now would be the time to grab Backstab or Order & Chaos Online if you’ve been thinking about it but have not yet made the jump to do so. On a side note, Uno is also on sale.

Android Market Links: Order & Chaos Online | Backstab

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