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Sony buying it’s half-brother, Sony Ericsson, in a €1.05 billion buyout

Rumors of Sony buying out the other 50% of the Sony Ericsson company for themselves have been floating around for awhile now. They keep popping up then dieing away but this latest round of rumors for a Sony Ericsson buyout have come true in for form of a €1.05 billion buyout plan.

This plan will buy the second have of the Sony Ericsson company, owned by Ericsson, and bring it into Sony making all the future plans for mobile under the Sony name and in-house. With Sony’s latest push into the mobile field, especially concerning Android, with their two new tablets and the Playstation Suite rumored to be coming to non-Sony related devices, this will bring everything in-house for Sony to call the shots on.

We can more rapidly and more widely offer consumers smartphones, laptops, tablets, and televisions that seamlessly connect with one another and open up new worlds of online entertainment.


This will also likely mean that an Xperia Play 2 type of a device could easily be on it’s way. In fact it may already be under development and in Sony’s hands it could with a lot beefier specs than the original did. The fact is when we talked to Sony Ericsson during the recent Verizon Developers Conference in September, they flat out said it’s certainly not ruled out for and Xperia Play 2 although the shelf life of the Xperia Play would be for awhile still.

However, as a consumer, we aren’t so sure about this deal. While it brings many possibilities to the table and the idea of a much more rapid push into the mobile field, including gaming and Android, Sony’s products haven’t exactly been staggeringly awesome. Sony also tends to have a bit higher of a mark-up for their products which, while looking great, don’t exactly break the mold in other categories. So with that said, here’s a poll and let us know in the comments why you choose what you did:

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