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The Trese Brothers unleash their third title onto the Android Market called Templar Assault

After dropping two hit games on the Android Market in the past called Star Traders and Cyber Knights, the Trese Brothers have launched a new title hoping to make it three straight wins for them called Templar Assault. This game is a tactical squad-based RPG similar in nature in theme to games like Warhammer 40k.

Templar Assault is a turn-based strategy RPG title for Android where you will be controlling your units as you take on the enemies in-game. Centered around a space marine sort of theme, similar to that of Warhammer 40k and other games, Templat Assault has you completing missions, earning honor and battling it out with the enemy in turn-based combat. As with any good RPG type of game, you’ll have plenty of gear to buy and upgrade as well to customize your units with.


The Trese Brothers always seem to release a free version of the game, as a sort of a beta type of deal, and so with that said, this title is still under development so there may be the odd bug. When it is finished, it will also be available in an Elite version as well, most likely for $1.99 on sale at release time. As with any of their games, if you’ve had the pleasure of playing any of them yet, you can expect some pretty detailed and deep gameplay and future updates will expand the game greatly in the near future.

Developer Website: Templat Assault Forums

Android Market Link: Templar Assault

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