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Jelly Defense Review: A game that really sticks to you

Jelly Defense is a very nicely done tower defense game for Infinite Dreams. The graphics, sounds, and game play all add up to a great game and one to consider for your Android device. We’ve been playing it for awhile now and here is our review of Jelly Defense.

Name: Jelly Defense | Developer: Infinite Dreams | Genre: Arcade & Action | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.6 | Size: 49 MB | Price: $2.99 |

Your job in Jelly Defense is to save the Diploglobe (and the crystals) and of course Jelly nation from the invading aliens, which are Jelly also (I think). It is sort of hard to describe what they are, but they are definitely unique.

The graphics of this game is one of the first things that stood out to me. The main screen is monochrome but your defenses, the crystals, and the invaders are in color. This makes for a nice contrast. The game controls are also nicely done. They are simple and easy to figure out, they do not take away from the game and use very little real estate on the screen.

The game also has a help section and a Jellypedia which provides information on the various Jellys you will encounter.


So far I have been able to survive the various invasions to Jelly nation but it has not always been easy!  It took a while a first to figure out which defense worked best for which invader. Now there is some color coding which helped, but as you move forward you will be presented with more options on both sides. Also you only start out with so much money. You get more money (I call it spare change) as you kill the invaders but you need to tap to collect the loose change as it appears. If you do not tap on it, you lose it. Trust me, you need all the money you can get!

In each level, you need to defend a group of 10 crystals, which are located near the end of the path. If enough invaders get past you and the crystals are all taken, you lose that level!

Another tough part of the game is that on each level, the route is predefined, so you know where the invaders will go. That should make it easy right? Not necessarily. You are only allowed to place your defenses in certain locations. So to survive you need to figure out the best places for them.


What else do you need to do to survive? Two things. First is, and they mention this quite a bit in the game, upgrades. You need to upgrade your defense when you can. Upgrades cost money. Second is getting rid of useless defenses. The game’s pace is such, that you can sell off defenses you do not need (maybe a certain color or location on the path), collect the money, and build another defense elsewhere.  I have found this to be very useful.

So Jelly Defense is not a simple or fast game. To win each level, you will need to take into account your available funds, defense placements, defense strengths/weakness, be quick to get loose change, and upgrade or replace defenses on the fly. Have not reached the end yet but you can redo levels to improve scores.

Overall I like the game, as do my kids. As I mentioned in the past, I am not a big tower defense guy but Jelly Defense definitely kept me entertained and challenged me. So we will be sticking with Jelly Defense and save the Jellies!


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