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The Pigs of Doom are back in the Chapter 2 update for Aporkalypse

HandyGames’ rather enjoyable, and somewhat humorous, Sokoban-style puzzle game called Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom has been updated with a brand new chapter. This second chapter, and the update that contains it, brings new levels, new features and of course, plenty of bug fixes as well.

The new chapter update brings with it 30 new stages for you to puzzle your way through in order to stop the world from ending as the gates of Heaven and Hell have opened up early. See, the Pigs of Doom have the rights to the end of the world and someone is trying to take that from the four Pigs of Doom. Each of the four pigs has a special ability that you will need to use in order to solve each stage. You are able to switch from each pig at any time and is pretty much a necessity in this game anyways.

New Features:

  • An adventurous journey through Heaven and Hell
  • 30 brand new levels
  • Fire-spitting gargoyles and deadly plague blocks
  • Holy life runes and wobbly tofu blocks
  • Epic boss battles
  • Added in app purchases
  • New “More Games” system
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added Twitter button
  • Uses Google analytics



Don’t let the rather humorous storyline and cartoon-like graphics fool you though, a lot of the stages in this game are actually rather difficult to solve. For puzzle fans out there, or those that like Sokoban-style games, this is a great one to try out. It comes in two flavors, there is a full version for free that is ad supported and a full version without ads that can be purchased for around $1.40. If you already have the game, all you need to do is update!

If you’ve never played Aporkalypse before, you can check it out in action in the trailer below.

Developer Website: HandyGames

Android Market Link: Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom

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