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Gamelion gearing up to release a new dual-stick shooter called Monster Shooter onto Android

Gamelion has put out some pretty high quality games onto Android such as Draw Slasher, I Must Run and Crazy Hamster. Today out friends over at Gamelion have let us know that they have a new dual-stick shooter coming our way soon called Monster Shooter which will be free-to-play.

There isn’t a whole lot of details about this game just yet but from what our friend over there told us, the game will both a Storyline and a Survival mode. In Monster Shooter you will be playing as Dum Dum who has had the unfortunately problem of his cat being stolen by some aliens. The storyline will go across three separate planets, each hosting ten levels which you’ll need to complete in order to rescue your beloved cat.

Aside from that, all we really know is that it will have a very cartoon-like feel too it or as our friend from Gamelion said that it would be along the same style as Ren & Stimpy was. I’m going to guess that implies the same rather twisted humor Ren & Stimpy had as well which kind of comes out in the teaser trailer above when the cat gets taken and has a runny nose when grabbed. We also do know that since it will be a dual-stick shooter that we will be using two on-screen joysticks for controls.

Monster Shooter is set to release in a few weeks on iOS with the Android version coming a few weeks after that which would put the release time somewhere near mid- to late-December. As it is a free to play game, it’ll be available for free on the Android Market. Free-to-play also means that there is a possibility of in-game purchases too although when labeled as free-to-play it generally means those purchases are completely optional.

Developer Website: Gamelion

Official Game Website: Monster Shooter

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