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Nexon Mobile to release Combat Arms: Zombies THD onto Android Tegra 3 device

Nexon and their mobile branch, Nexon Mobile, isn’t a name we hear too much right now when it comes to Android games. This is about to change though as they are gearing up to release their Unreal Engine 3 built FPS (First-person shooter) game called Combat Arms: Zombies THD.

Combat Arms: Zombies THD is based off their MMOFPS game called Combat Arms. This mobile off-shoot of their MMOFPS game and is built using Unreal Engine 3 but unfortunately that’s about as much detail as we can find about the game. However Nexon has released a trailer for it which, even though is completely cinematic, was rendered and run in Unreal Engine 3 using their assets from the game so it at least gives us a bit of an idea as to what to expect.

We are sure it will have the same sort of concept as the Zombie content from Call of Duty though. No word just yet on an exact release time but it is being shown off at a gaming conference in Korea on November 10th 2011 so we may not have to wait long. Also no word yet on whether it will have multiplayer or not but considering it’s Nexon putting this out, I would say that’s a safe bet.

Developer Website: Nexon Mobile (Korean)

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