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Cross-platform multiplayer tactics-style strategy game, Hero Mages, now available plus a giveaway!

We have been reporting for awhile on a tactics-style strategy game that comes with cross-platform multiplayer called Hero Mages from D20Studios. This game has been out for awhile in a browser version and was slated for release onto Android. Well the good news is that it’s now available and we’ve got some goodies to give away to help celebrate it’s launch.

Hero Mages is a very technical but fun turn-based strategy game set around a fantasy theme. It’s turn-based so each player takes their turn whether it’s to move their units or launch attacks against other players. There are plenty of units for you to get and it comes with a bit of an RPG element in that you can level up your units. This Android version of Hero Mages will come with all the features of the browser game as well as three additional gameplay modes: A story-driven tutorial campaign, Quick Battle and Custom Battle.


The developer has completely redone the user interface as well so it would run well on mobile devices as well as take advantage of some of the features available to mobile players such as pinch zooming, scrolling combo menus, double tapping and more. Aside from leveling up, other RPG elements include new gear and items, summon creatures and cast spells, different abilities and so on.

When it comes to the technical side of things, purists for strategy combat games will be happy to know that Hero Mages also takes into account things like line-of-sight when dealing with combat. In multiplayer you can check out the statistics of other players in the game, chat with players you are playing with and should their be a disconnection, you are able to jump back into the game without losing anything. Multiplayer games can have up to 8 players in them in different type of game modes such as free for all, team, and cooperative games. For those of you who want to just watch a game, you can spectate as a game is in progress.

Hero Mages is also one of the first games that has been optimized for both Sony tablets so if you have a dual-screen Sony tablet, the game will adjust to take advantage of both screens which is definitely a nice touch. Currently Hero Mages is available on the Android Market for $2.99 and the developer is currently re-working the in-game purchasing system which will focus on offering different things aside from unit booster packs for players to enjoy.


To celebrate the launch of Hero Mages on Android, our friend over at D20Studios has hooked us up with some promo codes to give out. We have 100 codes that, if you win one, can be entered into the game to unlock the rather rare Minotaur unit. This Minotaur unit is extremely rare and codes for it are generally only given out during special real life events such as GenCon and things of that nature. We have 100 of them to give out.

So how do you win one of these bad ass rare units? Easy, just leave a comment below! We will also be randomly giving them away on our Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook accounts as well so you may want to keep an eye on all of those as well. Good luck!

Developer Website: D20Studios

Android Market Link: Hero Mages

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