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Good Robot Bad Robot comes to Android, brings fun for the whole family using a taser

A new title has landed on the Android Market from Sun Dried Games called Good Robot Bad Robot. This new games brings some fun gameplay that the whole family can enjoy as you control a little robot who is out to save his friends by zapping them with his zapper.

Good Robot Bad Robot follows the story of Benny who was working in the garage fixing some broken robots. While all of his friends were connected to the grid late a night, a virus was unleashed onto the grid turning all good robots into bad ones. Benny wasn’t affected by the virus since he was working on the broken robots and not connected to the grid. So now it’s your job to control Benny and go through each stage zapping your friends with your zapper so you can fix them.

Good Robot Bad Robot Features:

  • Kid Safe Action – Good Robot Bad Robot is a feel good nonviolent action game where instead of killing and destroying, Benny is fixing and helping his troubled buddies. When a bad robot is turned good it cooperates in fixing the others.
  • Episodic Adventure Storyline – Good Robot Bad Robot will be an episodic adventure with this initial release being the first chapter with future chapters coming soon which will contain more levels.
  • Great 3D graphics – The game engine renders the 3D environment in real time with dynamic shadows, particle effects and physics.
  • Chapter 1 of many – The first chapter, Garage Mayhem, contains 15 levels and 4 different robots. More chapters, levels and bosses coming in future updates.
  • Requirements – Android 2.2+ and a newer Android device



The visuals in this game are actually pretty impressive and as it stands right now, Good Robot Bad Robot is a rather quick game to play although it does present some challenges in the later levels, especially with the rather difficult magnet robots. While the game is fairly quick to play through, it’s just enough for a nice short gaming session with the kids right now. More content is planned in future chapter updates as well.

You can download Good Robot Bad Robot off the Android Market for free. You can take a look at the game in action by watching the walkthrough video below.

Developer Website: N/A

Android Market Link: Good Robot Bad Robot

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