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Great Little War Game Review – Attention! Prepare for Battle

At first glance and its title, Great Little War Game (GLWG) one might think this is a cute kids game. Well let me tell you it a very well done strategy game that will provide many hours of game play. So sit back, get prepared and ready to wage war.

Name: Great Little War Game | Developer: Rubicon Development | Genre: Action & Arcade| Players: 1-2 | Version: 1.05 | Size: 24 MB | Price: $2.99 |

Where to begin with the game? Well GLWG is a 3D turn-based strategy game. It is one of the smoothest games that I have played. Playing on my DroidX was great; did not have any major issues. Also the game has been updated numerous times since I got my copy; thus showing that Rubicon is working hard to make the game better. If you like strategy games, this one should be in your collection.  Ok some more specifics…

Game Play:

There are 3 modes:

  • Skirmish — is a straight forward you vs the computer game. The goal- wipe out the enemy
  • Pass and Play –you can play against another human on the same device
  • Campaign –you will battle through a series of battles with Generalissimo “assisting” you along the way.


When you begin a skirmish or pass and play you can choose up to 19 maps (that I counted). Each map varies in size, starting locations, resources, and terrain. That is huge number of maps! Another cool option is you can determine how much money each side starts with and how much they get per turn.


Alright so you have got your options together and you begin the game. Like most strategy games, you first need to build up your troops and support staff. You normally begin with a command center, barracks, factory (for vehicles) and 3 engineering plants which provide resources.

To build a unit, tap on a building to pull up the menu. You will find out which units you can create and how much.  After the unit is built, tap on it to see its health and available movement options. Once you are done building, moving, then you end your turn. After the computer is done, it goes back to you. The standard turn based gaming.

The fun comes when it is time to battle. When your unit(s) are position to attack, simply select the unit you want attack and go. Most times they will fight back after you fire. As you are fighting you will he the witty dialogue of the general. If you do not like it, you can turn it off.

Great Little War Game is not a fast game. Each turn will take some time and you have to work on building up your money each turn so you can build more troops. Also you will want to use your engineers to help take over the resource centers of the enemy increase your money and decrease his. You can of course pause and save a game so you can return to it later.


Game Settings:

Normally in my reviews, I do not have a large section on game setting but with GLWG, it demands I do.  There are so many components you can customize, I do not think I have seen this in any other game so far. Within the game settings you can adjust music, FX, and contrast.  In addition to these, you can adjust graphics, either by selecting “best” or “fast” (which is appears to be resolution). You can also turn on/off mission intros, battle zoom on/off,  unit voices on/off, weather visuals on/off, and a few others.

One of the highlights of the game is the units voices. They are witty and somewhat entertaining but after awhile they began to bother me a bit. Nothing major but when I went to look to see how to control them, I found that you can change the voices for your army or the enemy! There are 3 choices, standard, Vocal Yokeis, and Viva la France. All I can say is wow.


  • A few other items to list:
  • OpenFeint achievements
  • Can save up to 3 games


Not sure what else to say about the Great Little War Game. It is a great little strategy game that provides tons of customizations, various play modes in a very stable and well designed environment. This game is fun to play and very easy learn but takes some time to master. Highly recommended.


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