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Kairosoft drops the prices on a few of their titles with 50% off

If you haven’t been lured into the time sink pit known as Kairosoft and their games you may finally be enticed to nab on of their awesome sim games now that they have randomly put them on sale on the Android Market. A total of four games are now on sale for a limited time.

Kairosoft makes some really addicting and fun management games for mobile which features some great pixel art and usually some pretty unique themes such as Game Dev Story where you manage a game development studio and try to make a hit game and end up being successful in the games industry. All of their games are pretty addicting though and if you’ve held off grabbing one, you may want to change your mind and nab one since they are on sale now.


Also Hot Springs Story is being reported by PocketGamer as being on sale but when we checked it, it was sporting the $4.99 price tag which really isn’t on sale, especially when compared to the other three titles which are 50% off. If you’re looking for a game or two that will take awhile to finish, you’ll want to consider nabbing any of these titles by Kairosoft that are on sale. If you do plan to nab one of these games that are on sale, I wouldn’t wait too long as there is no word on when the sale ends so it could be at any time.

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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