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Pocket Legends gets a content update and a new level cap increase

Hot on the heels of the recent content update for Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, Spacetime Studios has release the next content update for Pocket Legends today. Included in this content update is the Mount Fang expansion and a new level cap.

Aside from the new level cap being raised to level 66, the entire level curve has been adjusted so it takes a significantly less amount of XP to level up across the board, not just the higher levels. Also along with the Mount Fang expansion, there is a new legendary vanity piece of armor available from the Fallen Prince. The entire Mount Fang area is available for players level 59+ and is a new free campaign.

Count Vlad

Pocket Legends Content Update 1.7.4 Changelog:

  • Level cap raised to 66!
  • Level curve adjusted: requires significantly less Experience across-the-board to level-up!
  • The “Mount Fang” campaign has arrived! Experience a brand new free Campaign for level 59+ players, and anyone can visit Peak Fang Towne!
  • New crafting forge available at Peak Fang Towne!
  • New equipment and vanity items available in the Platinum Store with the release of “Mount Fang”!
  • Brand new special Legendary vanity armor is available in Peak Fang Towne at the “Fallen Prince” for those who achieve level 66 before the next level cap adjustment!
  • Fixed Djinn Healer attack animation and particle effects in Alien Oasis.
  • Fixed icons for Mystery Armor crafting schematics at the Alien Oasis forge.


The above picture shows how the XP has been adjusted for much faster leveling within Pocket Legends. So for all you Pocket Legend players out there, you can grab the content update right now and for those of you new to the game, enjoy the faster leveling!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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