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Amazon Free Game Nov. 15th, 2011: Old school RPG title called Eve of the Genesis HD

We haven’t posted a free game of the day from Amazon in a short while but today seems like a good day to start back up thanks to Amazon putting up Eve of the Genesis HD up on the App Store for Android for free today. This is a pretty solid old school Final Fantasy style RPG for your Android device.

Eve of the Genesis HD is a full fledge old school RPG title from Kotobuki Solutions (a.k.a Kemco Games on the market) which we’ve talked about before. It features a lot of the roleplay game mechanics found in old school games similar to Final Fantasy. The storyline goes like this: humans are under the control of mechanic beings which take form as men. After many years of fighting between the two, the machines introduced the ultimate killing robot to ensure their victory and it did just that. The time period is set at 2000 years after that victory when the humans fell and it is your job to turn the tables.


  • A simple and classic RPG – Easy and fun to play, for anyone from beginners to seasoned gamers.
  • Beautiful, old-style graphics – Everything is renders in high detail 8-bit style graphics
  • Flexible character development and easy battles – You can customize your skills to your preference, upgrade items with gems and much more.
  • Complete with a variety of record books – The skills and items you have gained, the monsters you have encountered, and so on, are all recorded in the record books.



If you’re an old school RPG fan then you’ll definitely want to check this title out if you have access to the Amazon App Store for Android. If not you can still buy it off the Android Market for $3.99 which is still the sale price over the $10+ regular price tag. For those of you with access to the Amazon App Store, you can pick it up for free today only.

Amazon Market Link: Eve of the Genesis HD

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