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Com2Us breathing new life into Homerun Battle with a sequel?

One of Com2Us’ most popular titles released onto Android was Homerun Battle 3D which has been chilling on the Android Market for almost two years. After such a long run, a successful one at that, it seems Com2Us is about to breath some new life into the game by releasing a sequel for it, appropriately named Homerun Battle 2.

Having been just released onto iOS, Homerun Battle 2 expands on the first game with much more customization to your character than previously available in the first one. Along with this comes more extra stats and skills can be added to your character as well through the use of different styles, clothing and bats.

Homerun Battle 2 Features:

  • Gender, body structure, skin tone…customize them all!
  • Extra stats and skills can be added with interesting styles, clothing, and bats!
  • Stadiums with many different concepts
  • Dreamy and fantastic stadiums with exciting grand-slams!
  • 6 Game Modes:
    • Duel: 1-on-1 Match-up Battle
    • Survival: Survival Match-up Item Battle
    • Mission: Match-up with a maximum of 4 players to Clear Missions
    • Burning: Never-ending throws burn through the wind, Swing Blast High
    • Arcade: Challenge on Achievements and New Records
    • Training: Practice and train to be the all-time Winner
  • Community activities on Com2uS Hub. Chats during gameplay!
  • Easy rival add functions


Currently this title is only available on iOS right now and the main page for the game on the Com2Us site only lists it as an iOS game, Com2Us dropped a hint that this would be coming to Android as well on their Twitter account saying they are working hard to bring more games to Android. Considering this is really the only new game they have released that isn’t on Android, it’s a safe bet this will be their next release onto the market.

You can expect Com2Us to keep the freemium business plan they are following with their games on Android when it comes to Homerun Battle 2 as well. That means the initial download will be free for the full version with little perks you can buy if you want to help boost your character. No word just yet on any sort of exact release date but we will probably see this on the market sometime over the next couple weeks. Check out the trailer though above, it’s pretty awesome.

Developer Website: Com2Us

Website Referenced: Android And Me

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