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Preview of Zen Pinball THD for Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 Android devices. Eye candy galore.

You’ve probably seen the odd video clip from us as far back as GDC 2011 where we saw the first prototype of a quad-core Tegra 3 Android tablet and it was running one of the best looking pinball games I’ve had the privilege of seeing on a mobile device called Zen Pinball THD. Now it’s gearing up for release finally.

While the version we saw was on a quad-core Tegra 3 prototype tablet, Zen Studios has been working on a Tegra 2 version which they are gearing up for release soon. Zen Pinball THD will feature some of the most gorgeous eye candy you’ve ever seen in a mobile pinball game and there will be plenty of themed tablets to enjoy such as the Sorcerer’s Lair, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four and more which you can see in the screenshots below.


Zen Pinball THD Features:

  • Tegra™2 Powered – The first console quality pinball title for mobile devices and tablets, made possible through the graphic prowess of the Nvidia® Tegra™2 and Kal-El chipset
  • Achievements – powered by Open Feint
  • Leader Boards – Global leader boards and local high scores
  • Rule Sheet – Each table comes equipped with a rule sheet providing tips and tricks to help you boost your score
  • Hot Seat Multiplayer – Pass the game around to friends as you compete with each other for the top pinball wizard
  • Pinball Platform – Zen Pinball THD is a free pinball platform that will house many different pinball tables including the stunning Marvel Pinball series. New content will seamlessly integrate into the platform, making it easy for users to access new content.


Zen Pinball THD will also end up having a Tegra 3 quad-core version which should seem pretty obvious as we’ve already seen it running on a quad-core tablet back during GDC 2011. Don’t worry though as the Tegra 2 version will feature all the eye candy you can handle as well. Initially you will be able to download the Zen Pinball THD platform for free and it will come with one table for free as well which will be the Sorcerer’s Lair table which you can check out in the video preview below. Yes it does look that good. It’s even better in person. In case you’re wondering, a lot of those figures in each table are animated and do different things.

If you are a pinball game fan and own a Tegra 2 or will own a Tegra 3 device, this is one of two pinball games that will be a must have, the other being the upcoming Pinball Arcade from Farsight Studios which also looks like pure pinball bliss as does Zen Pinball. As we mentioned you will be able to download Zen Pinball THD when it’s released for free and it will come with one free table. After that all additional tables will be available through in-game purchase. All the prices of the extra tables will vary depending on the table.

If you read that features list as well you’ll notice one really great aspect of the Zen Pinball THD game and that is the hot seat multiplayer. This means you’ll be able to go up against other people, or your friends, and duke it out in a game of pinball just like you used to in an arcade. You won’t have to wait long though to get a hold of this for your Tegra 2 device as it is slated for release this December 2011. There is no time line just yet for the Tegra 3 version’s release.

Developer Website: Zen Studios

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