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Sega’s Fallen Realms free-to-play RPG beta now live on the Android Market

Yesterday we reported on Sega’s upcoming free-to-play RPG called Fallen Realms that would be entering into a limited Beta today. Well they were pretty much on time with that release, actually a bit early, as the Beta landed on the Android Market late last night.

Fallen Realms is an old school RPG title from Sega in partnership with Papaya Mobile in which your goal is to unearth seven secret powerful runes that could kill everyone and every thing or save them. Your goal is to find them to save everyone of course. This is a very Dungeons & Dragon style RPG title that Sega has developed. They also opted to not use a virtual joystick and instead have gone with a tap-based system where you can just tap on where you want to go.

Fallen Realms Features:

  • Features easy-to-use quest and battle system; no clumsy virtual analog stick. Just touch and play.
  • Classic turned-based battle controls let you wield weapons, magic, and mystic relics with ease
  • Fun for fantasy fans and old-school RPG gamers
  • Journey into the far reaches of the realm‘s dungeons, sanctuaries, caves, forests, and more
  • Befriend and fight mystical fantasy creatures. Grow your collection of defeated creatures in the town’s museum.
  • Earn, discover, or purchase a deep assortment of weapons, armor, and magic to customize your hero.  Earn magical Orbs for even more powerful items.
  • Join 32 million mobile game fans on the Papaya Social Game Network
  • Share your achievements and more with your friends.  See other adventurers character profiles from your Guild.
  • Invite your friend’s characters into your party



Combat is done using a turn-based system so you and the monsters you fight will take turns beating on each other until one of you is dead. As this is free-to-play you can download the entire game for free right now and play the whole thing. Generally when a game is labeled free-to-play, there is usually an optional cash shop available for extra boosts in exchange for real money but these are generally completely optional to use.

Lastly, Fallen Realms also comes with a buddy system similar to games like Glu’s Gun Bros. This means you can take a friends character along with you to help you out on some of the tougher quests in the game. Current this is a limited beta and there will only be a total of 1,000 people accepted into it. If you’ve been waiting to get into the beta, now would be the time to grab this. Fallen Realms is slated to drop as a full release roughly two weeks from now.

Thanks to ShadowOfAnAndroid and Androinerd for the tip!

Developer Website: Sega

Android Market Link: Fallen Realms

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