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Highly successful iOS title, Train Conductor 2: USA, coming to Android in December

Developed by the Voxel Agents and currently sporting over 5 million downloads on iOS, Tran Conductor 2: USA is now gearing up to chug it’s way onto Android soon. This isn’t a train simulation game though but is actually a management game that is rather fast paced.

Train Conductor 2: USA has you managing trains in each stage as they head off to their destinations. The problem is each stage is a tangle of track and trains and it’s your job to direct the trains along the correct set of tracks that you place while, hopefully, avoiding some train wrecks in the process.

Train Conductor 2: USA Features:

  • Two ways to play each level!
  • International leaderboards
  • Multiple player accounts
  • Share stories with your friends and challenge their scores.



Stages are scattered throughout various locations here in the USA with a total of nine cities altogether. Aside from the normal game mode there is also a Challenge Mode which pits your skills against friends and strangers in a weekly contest. Every level in the game has custom content for Challenge Mode, more than doubling the size of the game. As a thank you for everyone’s patience with how long it took to bring this game to Android, the Android version will have double the content that the iOS version has such as the Chicago city level.

Train Conductor 2: USA will be released onto the Android Market this December and will be available for purchased for around $2.00. You can check out the game in action to get a better idea of it in the trailer below.

Developer Website: The Voxel Agents

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