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Multi-level side-scrolling shooter called Capsized coming to Android next year

While the release of this side-scrolling multi-level shooter from developers Alientrap is still a little ways off, they have announced that Capsized will be coming to Android. This is an interesting little shooter that has you fighting for survival, and escaping from, an alien planet you happened to have crash landed on.

Built using Unity, Capsized features some pretty interesting visuals, a sor of blending between 2D and 3D from what we can tell, although it is mostly 2D with a lot of depth-of-field to it. While the game was developed by Canadian-based indie game developers Alientrap, the actual porting over to Android (and iOS) will be done by a company called Koolhaus Games and will most likely be published through IndiePub.


iPad screens for reference, Android will be the same

To battle your way through, and escape from, the alien planet, you will have plenty of tools to help you out including a grappling hook, a jet pack and ship supplies. The shooter part of the game play is also meshed together with some physics to give it a bit more of a realistic feel to it as well as to provide more of a challenge while trying to navigate your way through each stage.

Also coming with the game, at least with the Xbox Live version that slated for a December release, is a variety of game modes including multiplayer ones. There will be a story-based Campaign mode, local Co-Operative and Death Match modes, Survival mode, Time Trials and Armless Fighting. Of course, as it stands right now, we do not know if all of these will be brought over to the Android version although we can certainly hope so.

As of right now Capsized is slated for release on Android sometime in Q1/Q2 in 2012 and could end up being a free-to-play title which is what the iOS version is slated to be. You can check out the game in action in the trailer above.

Developer Website: Alientrap

Website Referenced: DIYGamer

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