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Ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho to get his own mobile game next year

For those of you who are fans of Soccer (or football depending on wear you’re from) and also happen to be fans of ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, you will be happy to know that there will be a mobile game coming to Android based on him. This will be a blend of different genres including management, turn-based RPG, action and sports gaming.

Developed by Biodroid, the Mourinho Special One game will pit you against computer AI opponents based on some of the greatest coaches from the actual sport itself. You’ll be dropped into arena that look like something out of Tron and you’ll be going up against these other coaches, and their teams, in order to claim yourself as the best there is.


As with the real sport, in this game there are players with special abilities, coach shouts and a range of tactical formations that you can use. Depending on how you use all of these will determine the out come of each match. Mourinho Special One is still under development and won’t be landing on the Android Market until January 2012. When it does though, it should make a lot of Soccer fans rather happy.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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