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Friday Morning Awesomeness: Minecraft Epic Rap by Dan Bull

So today is a big day for Minecraft in all of it’s forms but mostly regarding console and PC as the first MineCon ever is slated to kick off today in a couple of hours. Aside from the official release of Minecraft minus the Beta tag is slated for today, there is going to be plenty of other Minecraft news as well.

To celebrate the official full release of Minecraft, nerd rapper extraordinaire Dan Bull has released a new video today about Minecraft perfectly called Minecraft Epic Rap. The rap itself is actually pretty catchy and some of the structures are pretty cool in the video as well. He even included a pair of Vanessa Hudgens’ breats built in Minecraft, for those of you who are a fan of hers. So I’ll just quiet up now and let you all enjoy this video.

Website Referenced: GamesRadar

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