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Full Fat Games releases NFL Flick Quarterback onto Android

Full Fat Games is continuing their push onto the Android platform with their “Flick” titles with the release of a new game called NFL Flick Quarterback. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to play as the Quarterback for your favorite NFL team.

As the QB for your teams, you’ll be dodging incoming opponents, passing to receivers on your team and pull off some trick shots while you’re at it. Just like all the other ‘Flick’ games, you use a flick motion with your finger to pass the ball and while the ball is in the air you will have some extra control to use in order to get the ball to your receiver.

NFL Flick Quarterback:

  • Complete passes to try for the highest score in Playmaker
  • Face your opponents, avoiding their intelligent movement and interception skills
  • Juke oncoming defenders to avoid getting sacked
  • Throw as many passes as you can into the trash can in Trick Shot
  • Play during the day or night, and even take on the natural elements – can you stand up to the wind like the toughest of NFL QBs?
  • Pick your favorite team and customize your jersey name and number to become the QB you’ve always dreamed of becoming
  • Play among beautifully rendered 3D stadium environments
  • More than 120 unique football player animations
  • Dancing cheerleaders before the game
  • Stunning high resolution graphics



One feature that I’m sure some people will enjoy are the dancing cheerleaders before each game. If you are looking for something a bit more casual but still geared around sports, particularly football, then you may want to check this game out. You can download it off the Android Market for $2.99. On a side note, some people are reporting that the game speed is kind of slow. Just a heads up before you get it. Hopefully the developers drop an update to speed things up a bit.

Developer Website: Full Fat Games

Android Market Link: NFL Flick Quarterback

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