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Great new physics puzzler called Banzai Blowfish now available for Android

A new physics-based puzzle game has landed on the Android Market today from developers Red Piston called Banzai Blowfish. Combining the platform gaming genre with Angry Birds mechanics, Banzai Blowfish is sort of like Sprinkle but you’re shooting your samurai blowfish around.

In this game you will be playing as the hero fish who is trying to save all the blowfish that have been captured by the son of King Hikari who has apparently had a nervous breakdown and gone crazy. You will have to navigate through each stage, using the objects within them, to get to the caged blowfish in each level to rescue them.

Banzai Blowfish Features:

  • Compatible with most new Android handsets and also Tablets
  • 5 Stages with different themes – Rock,Snow,Night,Water,Volcano
  • 48 Levels of fun physics action puzzles
  • Unique Hand drawn graphics throughout the game
  • Share you score via Facebook,twitter and email
  • Compete world wide for the top score on Open Feint



This is certainly a unique blending on genres and is actually quite fun to play so far. If you are a fan of physics-based puzzle games like Angry Birds but happen to be looking for something more unique, you’ll probably want to check out Banzai Blowfish. You can download it right now off the Android Market for $0.99. You can check the game out in action in the trailer below.

Developer Website: Red Piston

Website Referenced:

Android Market Link: Banzai Blowfish

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