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Hidden Gem: Asteroid 2012 3D – A classic arcade game gets a great facelift

At some point in your life you have probably played Asteroids or a game that is based off of the arcade classic. People have been asking us to check a game called Asteroid 2012 3D and so we finally have. What can we say? It’s a well done remake of the classic wrapped in some pretty nice 3D visuals.

You will be playing as Anthony Taringo who has the wonderful mission of going out to space and defending the world against an onslaught of Asteroids heading towards Earth. You will be equipped with pulse cannons and a variety of other weapons will be available on your asteroid destroying journey.

The developer, m-spacemedia, has taken this arcade classic and brought it to modern times with wrapping everything in some great looking 3D visuals. Of course if you are a purist you can always pop into Retro 3D Mode and enjoy the game that way. Controls consist of a few buttons on screen while steering is done through the use of your device’s accelerometer. It also comes with OpenFeint and leaderboards so you’ll be competing for high scores as well.


This is one of those games that is just meant to be pure fun and give you that fix of just destroying stuff, in this case Asteroids, with futuristic weapons. It’s the same reason people used to go to arcade, to get that fix of just having fun while playing video games and possibly getting that high score finally. You could easily kill a few minutes or a few hours playing this game. For those gamers looking for something deeper than this probably won’t be for you. If you are looking for a game that really is just a lot of fun to play, then this is one to check out.

You can currently download Asteroid 2012 3D off the Android Market for $0.99 and there will be a new update going live today as well.

Developer Website: m-spacemedia

Android Market Link: Asteroid 2012 3D

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