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Manny Pacquiao becomes a martial arts hero in his upcoming game Pound For Pound

Sports must really be in the air today as our third article this morning is about yet another sport, or one of the stars in it actually. Manny Pacquiao is slated to have his game that just landed on iOS, called Pound For Pound, to also arrive on Android soon. In this game you play a Mr. Manny who is the martial arts hero of the game.

In Pound For Pound you will play as Manny Pacquiao who is on a mission of justice and starts beating the hell out of villains. Sounds like a Chuck Norris movie with a little Bruce Lee thrown in to me. Your controls are blend of on-screen controls as well as swipe gestures which you will use to break out Manny’s arsenal of kicks and punches. There will also be mini-bosses and main bosses that you’ll have to defeat on your quest for justice.

Pound For Pound Features:

  • Use touchscreen actions and gestures to unleash Manny’s arsenal of lethal punches and kicks.
  • Fight against minions, mini-bosses, and bosses who increase in difficulty as the game progresses.
  • Guide Manny in his crusade for justice and experience artistically vivid environments with an immersive storyline.
  • Engage in a combat-oriented experience, leveling Manny as you progress through challenging and intense battles.
  • Upgrade Manny’s attributes, as you gain experience and increase in level, all while customizing him with items that improve fighting power and different clothes to make him look the way you want.



Essentially this is a 3D street brawling type of game although you are able to upgrade Manny’s stats as you progress through the game. As you defeat enemies you will earn experience and level up, gain items and different clothing which all helps in making those bad ass martial arts moves Manny is packing even more powerful. Currently Pound For Pound is available on iOS (as of today) and the Android version is “coming soon”. If you’re a fan of Mr. Manny, or fighting/brawler games in general, you’ll  probably enjoy this game.

On a side note, this is apparently Volume 1 which implies that there will be more coming in the future as well.

Official Website: Pound For Pound

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