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You can now be a winner at life thanks to EA releasing The Game of Life

We’ve had an idea this was coming to Android soon and now EA has finally gone ahead and released The Game of Life onto the Android Market. The classic board game has been brought to Android in a 3D environment and features everything you would expect from the actual board game.

Everything found in the actual board game is included in this mobile version including the detail-less gender pegs used to distinguish male and female family members as you journey through the game of life. Instead of just being a flat board through, The Game of Life comes with plenty of 3D graphics to make the game much more enjoyable and less dry to play. You can either play conservative or take big risks and make it big to retire rich, or end up living in a box behind a McDonald’s.


The Game of Life also features the ability for up to three people to play in one game although it is using the same device which means it’s more of a pass-and-go type of multiplayer than actually having three people on different devices playing the same game. Still, it’s a fun game to play even and if you’re a fan of the actual board game, you’ll probably want to grab this one. It’s available on the Android Market for $4.99.

Developer Website: EA Mobile

Android Market Link: The Game of Life

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