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FIFA 12 by EA still a go as an Xperia Play exclusive, new time frame for other Android devices revealed.

So during MineCon 2011 you would think it would be about all things Minecraft but during the video we posted in our last article, which we are including again in this one as well, the Sony Ericsson representative in the video, who happened to be the one I talked to during VDCC 2011, let out some more information about FIFA 12.

About a third of the way through the video they start talking about FIFA 12 which is gearing up to be shown off at an upcoming soccer event. This could very well mean that our original quote of a release time in November is still a go, although knowing how things happen it could be early December. Why do we say this? Because the Sony Ericsson representative also mentioned that FIFA 12 should be landing on all other Android devices sometime in February 2012.

This could mean the Xperia Play exclusive launch of FIFA 12 could be a bit later in November or early December which is still pretty on point with what we were told back during VDCC 2011. Also a neat thing to note which follows another story we broke at VDCC 2011 is that Sony Ericsson, especially after being bought out by Sony, could very be developing a second iteration of an Xperia Play like device. Of course that was mentioned in a more cryptic answer in the video than what we go during our interview at VDCC 2011.

Website Referenced: Gamespot

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