Day: November 24, 2011

Game News 1

Editorial: Infinity Blade developers talk about why the series won’t come to Android and why we think it’s nonsense

Phandroid just posted an article where the developers of the Infinity Blade title for iOS and the upcoming sequel, Infinity Blade 2, talk about Android and why the series won’t come to Android, at least for now citing piracy issues as the only real reason. While piracy happens everywhere, we believe there is more to this than simple piracy concerns.

Game Reviews

Doctor Who: Mazes of Time Review – So much potential but falls short of what it could be.

Now I’d love to give the readers a full review. However, I seem to share the same fate that some of you that will download this game will be forced to live through — those dang force closes! The game is almost fun enough that the frustration of the force closes are worth it because I tended to be able to get a bit further each time before the game froze up.