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Alawar bringing the Thanksgiving fun to Android as well with free games

Alawar Games has jumped into the spirit of giving this Thanksgiving by offering up a pretty unique deal for Android gamers who have yet to purchase any of their games. So we decided to jump on board in partnership with Alawar Games to give our readers free games.

For a short period of time, when you buy two Alawar Games from the Android Market, you will be able to pick a third game from a list and get it as a free game for you to enjoy. You can buy any two of their games, it doesn’t matter which ones you buy and then you can pick from the list below which game you would like as your third free title. For a list of Alawar games that you can buy, you can just head over to their Android Market listings.

When you’ve purchased your two games, all you have to do is send a quick email to [email protected] with your full name and the game you’ve chosen from the list as your free game. Alawar will check just to make sure that you’ve purchased two games using your name only (no other information is required) and will send you your third free game. Verification can take up to 24 hours but the crew over at Alawar Games are pretty damn fast so I highly doubt it’ll take that long for you to get your free game.

This is a limited promotion though and currently is set for only 50 free games to be given away so I wouldn’t wait too long otherwise you’ll miss your chance at a free one. Here is the list of games you can choose from as your free game:


This promotion will run until either the 50 free game limit is reached or November 26th, 2011, which ever comes first. So to sum it up, when one of our readers buy two of Alawar’s games, you send in an email with your first and last name and the game you want for free (chosen from the above list) and you are good to go! Happy Thanksgiving!

Developer Website: Alawar Games

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