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Amazon’s Free Game Today Nov. 27th: Tiki Golf 2 by Arb Studios plus Cyber Monday game deals

Today’s free game of the day over at Amazon’s App Store for Android is a title called Tiki Golf 2 by Arb Studios. This title is a 3D golf game that obviously has a Tiki theme behind it plus a fair amount of customization included as well. On top of that though, Amazon has added more games on sale for Cyber Monday but has started the sale today.

The Free Game

As already mentioned, Tiki Golf 2 is a 3D golf game in a Tiki theme with volcanoes, beaches and lava as well. Not your typical golf game for sure and everything is a bigger larger-than-life in style. Even some of the courses have some pretty crazy designs.

Tiki Golf 2 Features:

  • Explore 4 courses and 72 holes
  • Play 2 modes: Campaign or Practice
  • Track your Pineapple Score, Ring Score, Target Score, and Best Time
  • Test your skill in 3 categories: Power, Control, and Accuracy
  • Enjoy cool tiki-themed graphics and sounds



This is definitely more of a golf game that you play for fun to kill some time with. Don’t let the more comical style of the game fool you though as it does provide some good challenge and a few interesting game modes to help test your golfing skills. It’s a solid golfing game that is free for today for those of you who have access to the Amazon App Store and it’s a good deal to nab it while it’s free. It’s regular price is $2.99.

Cyber Monday Game Sales

Amazon has also added to their current roster of games and applications that they had on sale for Black Friday for this upcoming Cyber Monday sale as well. In fact, even though it’s a Cyber Monday sale, Amazon has already started the sale today and there are a few more games you might want to consider picking up either today or tomorrow while they are on sale. This includes a copy of Asphalt 6 from Gameloft optimized for the Kindle Fire.

New additions to the games on sale include:


This is just a couple of example of some of the new games that are also now on sale for Cyber Monday on top of all the games and applications that are still on sale from Black Friday’s list. It’s definitely a good time to grab some games and applications as most are between 40-70% off still.

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