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Circle Launcher Review – A clean way to have fast access to your apps and games

I’m just as much of a fan of gaming as the readers that come here. However, our phones are more than just awesome gaming on-the-go devices. We use these mobile devices for texting, keeping track of our calendar, listening to music, and, yes, occasionally making a phone call. I tend to keep a max of 2-3 screens, and I like to keep my screens pretty uncluttered for the most part.

Name: Circle Launcher | Developer: db-ware | Genre: Productivity | Players: N/A | Version: 2.0.6 | Size: 597k | Price: Free (Lite) / $1.00 (Full) |

In order to do this, I tend to utilize folders and shortcuts and widgets that can launch multiple applications (such as Gtabsimiclock widget). So, my dear readers, I thought I’d bring to your attention another app that gives you awesome organization and quick access to multiple apps without cluttering your screens. This app is called Circle Launcher.

The app is very easy to use. Choose which screen you want it on, long press, choose widget, pick circle launcher. Done. You have 4 size widgets to choose, from a 1×2 to customizing how large you want it to appear. Once you pick your size widget, you’ll be provided a menu:

  • Launcher Type gives you the choice to launch apps, contacts, and bookmarks
  • Selected apps is to scroll through your applications, contacts, and bookmakrs
  • Launcher style is to pick if your apps, contacts, and bookmarks are launched in a circle or a vertical or a horizontal line (vertical and horizontal choices are only for the paid version)
  • Launcher icon gives you your color choices for the circle screen widget or choose your own icon.



You can throw one app or a couple dozen. This comes in handy if you tend to have a good number of games installed like I do (I have around 23 right now installed). One cool thing is you can set a blur background in the settings so that your background goes black and your app choices pop out.

So if you’re looking for something a bit different that adds a bit of organization, functionality, and practicality, check out Circle Launcher. There’s a paid version and a light version. I’m not a huge app buyer, but I liked this one so much I went ahead and supported the developer by spending a few bucks on the full version.

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