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HyperDevBox releases another massive tactical-style RPG called Generation of Chaos

Back in September during the Tokyo Game Show, HyperDevBox announced that they had a new tactical-RPG title under development that would be coming to Android called Generation of Chaos. Since then it’s been quiet on the development of this new title until now as it has just landed on the Android Market.

Originally thought to be called Generation of Chaos IV, it’s official name is the same but they decided to drop the ‘IV’ part (although the official package name still has 4 in it). This is yet another massive strategy-RPG title from HyperDevBox who happens to be stating that there is over 100 hours of play time involved in this game. You’ll be building your own kingdom, having 30 vs 30 battles with enemies like was stated at the Tokyo Game Show and much more.

Generation of Chaos Features:

  • The first massive Strategy RPG for Android
  • Over 150 unique commanders
  • 10 different campaigns
  • Over 100 hours of gameplay
  • 30 vs 30 epic battles in real-time
  • Animated special attacks and spoken events
  • Two touch configurations (including a tablet mode)
  • Support for Touch & Keyboard with key mapping



HyperDevBox is actually calling this a strategy RPG title but it does feature similar mechanics to a tactic-based RPG as well. HyperDevBox didn’t hold back with anything in this new title either with come premium looking graphics, deep storyline and animated epic battles you control in real-time. It’s a blend of RTS and RPG gaming genres for the most part. There are some requirements though:

  • You will need a higher-end Android device
  • An SD Card is recommended as this game weighs in at 1.8GB after the secondary download of data
  • Graphic settings are set to highest resolution so you may have to adjust them


Just like their previous massive tactical-RPG title, Spectral Souls, this new game also comes with a decent sized priced tag of $14.99 but considering the size and how much game time there is in Generations of Chaos, that’s not too bad of a price at all. You can see the game in action in the preview above.

Thanks to ShadowOfAnAndroid for the heads up!

Developer Website: HyperDevBox

Android Market Link: Generation of Chaos

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