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Korea now has access to games on the Android Market finally.

While Android has spread like wildfire through the world, there are still some places who either don’t have access to certain categories on the market, or paid apps and games. Korea was one of those unfortunate places that didn’t have games available to them, only apps.

Well Google has now opened up the entire game section to Korea after probably getting some licensing issues out of the way. Now, while Koreans could only watch all these great games get released onto the Android Market and hope that the developer would also upload them to some of the more popular 3rd party Android app stores, now you can go right ahead and start buying up those games right off the Android Market that you’ve been wanting.

Developers are also being encouraged to adjust their prices to include Korea’s currency, the Won. This is great news all around for developers who will gain more customers and the gamers out in Korean who can now finally play all the game the Android Market has to offer.

Website Referenced: Android Central

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