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Mediocre to bring a more kid-friendly version of Sprinkle to Android Dec. 1st.

Well this is a bit of a surprise and should make a lot of parents happy, that is if you let your young ones actually play with your Android devices if they don’t have one of their own. Mediocre, the developers of Sprinkle which is the rather excellent water-based physics puzzler is coming out with a more child friendly version called Sprinkle Junior.

Sprinkle Junior will be just like it’s older brother but with a more kid friendly theme to it. You’ll still be putting out fires to save your friends and their huts but there will be plenty of rather larger than life game features like the giant hamburger you have to spray over in one level. You can check out the new Sprinkle Junior and some of the more child friendly items in-game in the preview video below.

Other than what we see in the video, there isn’t a whole lot more to go on except that it will be released onto the Android Market December 1st. No word of a Tegra exclusive so it looks like Sprinkle Junior will jump out of the gate and be available for most devices right away. No word on pricing yet.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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