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Orcs Must Die! style game, Trap Hunter TD, now available on Android

For those of you unaware of what Orcs Must Die! is, it’s a game similar to Dungeon Defenders except you’ll be placing a variety of traps and other painful things, and sometimes even support troops like archers, to kill waves of monsters, mostly pissed off Orcs and similar creatures. Trap Hunter TD bring this type of game to Android.

In Orcs Must Die! you can also control your character and attack which makes it like Dungeon Defenders but less tower defense and more focused on traps. Trap Hunter TD is similar except without the actual character to control but it is a trap defense game like Orcs Must Die! where you’ll be able to place a variety of traps in each level that will eventually destroy each wave of monsters. There is a total of 15 missions in the current version, each with it’s own map, paths monsters can take and more. After you begin completing missions you will be able to open up more traps for you to use in order to continue surviving.


If the Trap Hunter name sounds familiar, that could be due to the fact that Trap Hunter TD was developed by the same developers of Trap Hunter – Lost Gear which was one of our Hidden Gem games back in October. They have taken the theme from their Trap Hunter – Lost Gear – game (a dungeon crawling RPG based around traps as well, really unique game itself) and turned it into an Orcs Must Die! type of defense game. You can download Trap Hunter TD off the Android Market for free.

Now if only it had the graphics of Orcs Must Die! or Dungeon Defenders…

Developer Website: ASH

Android Market Link: Trap Hunter TD

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