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Winners of the massive Zeemote contest announced

A few people have asked me when we were going to announce the winners regarding the Zeemote giveaway we just had in partnership with DotEmu. We said we would announce who the winners are but then came to our senses as it was on a first come first serve basis.

So instead of placing a giant list here of every single person who filled out the form successfully before it was filled up, guess what? You won a Zeemote JS1! We have already sent the list over to DotEmu where it’ll get processed and sent to the fine folks at who make the Zeemote where they will begin shipping out a ridiculous amount of these things to all the winners across the few sites that held the contest.

We just wanted to let everyone know though that if you were able to fill the form out before the allotted slots were filled up, you’ve won a Zeemote and should receive it soon in the mail. You know if you filled it out successfully and won because once all the slots were full, you were not able to fill any part of the form out at all. Congrats to all the winners though and we have even more giveaways planned for December!

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