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Amazon Free Game Today: Jelly Defense by Infinite Dreams – A great Tower Defense game

Today on Amazon’s App Store for Android is another free game for today called Jelly Defense from Infinite Dreams. This is a great tower defense game that features an almost claymation like animation and graphical look to it but don’t let the cuteness fool you, it can be challenging.

Jelly Defense isn’t just a tower defense game, although at it’s core it certainly is, because it comes with a nice little storyline as well which is something most tower defense games don’t come with. It’s also part of a larger series of games, all based around the Jelly world from Infinite Dreams.


Jelly Defense Features:

  • Keep green gems from falling into enemy hands
  • Build powerful defense towers
  • Tap Inventor Tree to access new towers
  • Pick up coins before they disappear
  • Catch Power-Up icons
  • 20+ levels
  • 10 different types of towers
  • 8 different types of power-ups
  • Great little storyline and excellent visuals


If you enjoy tower defense games then you’ll want to grab this one if you have access to the Amazon App Store today. If you miss out or don’t have access you can see grab it off the Android Market for $2.99. It’s definitely a unique and fun little tower defense game to kill some time with.

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

Amazon Market Link: Jelly Defense

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