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Hit browser-based fighting game, My Brute, invading onto Android before Christmas

AMA, in partnership with Bulkypix and Motion Twin, will be bringing the hit web and iOS title, My Brute, to Android before Christmas. If you’ve never heard of My Brute before, it’s an interesting game where you can customize up to nine ‘brutes’ who will battle it out with other opponents.

As they battle it out, they gain experience and become stronger and increase your stats. You get more experience if you win of course and it does keep track of your win/lose ratio as well. One thing that is interesting about My Brute though is that you can take other players in as your pupil which benefits both you and your pupil (if he’s lower level than you of course). Your opponents are also other players in the game who can challenge your guy even though you’re not logged in.


My Brute Features:

  • Unlock and personalise up to 9 brutes
  • Invite other players to become your pupils
  • Open your own dojo and find yourself a master worthy of this title
  • Fight up to 5 opponents a day
  • Discover and master more than 70 skills and weapons
  • Unlock up to 8 battle arenas
  • Challenge your friends on Facebook Connect


The game is definitely more for the casual gamer as there is plenty you can do in game in the short period of time that you need to play it. You can have up to five fights per day but then after that you can do training, get better weapons and things of that nature. Unfortunately there is no exact release date as of yet, only that it will be out by Christmas. If you actually want to try it out, the online browser version is available to play right now.

Developer Website: BulkyPix

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