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Cross-platform multiplayer tower defense game, Ages of Defenders, gets a big update.

Age of Defenders is a cross-platform aggressive tower defense game for Android and PC-based browsers. While you have to defend your base against the enemy using towers, you also have to build units to head up assaults on your opponents base in order to, hopefully, destroy it before they destroy yours.

Your opponents are other players, not computer AI opponents so the strategy and challenge in Age of Defenders is always dynamic. As you make kills in a match you earn cash you can spend on upgrading towers and units or creating new ones of each. For a more in-depth look you can read up on our initial announcement of Age of Defenders coming to Android. The main this we are talking about in this article is the rather large update that has arrived to Age of Defenders.

Full Extensive Changelog version 0.1.8:


  • new Multiplayer map: Crossfire
  • new News section
  • added sound when someone joins the gameroom
  • new victory and defeat screen with a sound
  • auto-refresh in lobby
  • buildings in progress now show in mini-map
  • connection lost screen is now displayed
  • data collection after each match for matchmaking
  • development of matchmaking and overview of played matches – in progress
  • more waypoints added: number of waypoints increased from 4 to 6
  • buildings in progress now show in minimap
  • added sound when someone joins the gameroom



  • increased speed of unit creation by 33%
  • increased price of laser tower and rocket tower by 10%
  • decreased price of parez from 750 to 600
  • all towers now take 1 second longer to build
  • increased income from your base from +14 to +20
  • decreased income from parez from +8 to +6
  • kamikaze is now stronger (attacking power +10%, health +12%, better area damage)
  • increased the speed of raptor by 10%
  • added 2 levels for suicide buggy – lvl 1 +35% armor, lvl2 +65 armor
  • upgrade of the laser tower damage from +12% to +25%
  • upgrade anti-air damage from +12% to +25%
  • Time machine in mode 1 now causes damage from 1 to 20, has a better slowing power + increased rate of fire
  • Time machine in mode 2 does not shoot at air units, decreased minimal range from 80 to 70
  • from now on, you will earn 1 skill point at a time
  • all upgrades now cost 1 skill points, you can choose 10 upgrades from 15 available


Unit and Tower Limits:

  • Towers – Population limit: 100
  • Rocket Launcher – Population limit: 4
  • Laser Tower – Population limit: 3
  • Anti-Air Tower – Population limit: 2
  • Time Machine – Population limit: 7
  • Repair Station – Population limit: 5


Units – Population Limits: 130

  • B.O. Tank – Population limit: 4
  • Suicide Buggy – Population limit: 3
  • Armed Buggy – Population limit: 3
  • Battering Ram – Population limit: 10
  • Kamikaze Jet – Population limit: 3
  • Raptor – Population limit: 4


And that should just about do it for what is new in the Age of Defense update. Lot’s of tweaks to the gameplay, a new map and addition smaller features. There are some known issues still pending and will be addressed in a future update which you can read on the forum thread for this Age of Defenders update.

Website Referenced: Age of Defenders (Forums)

Android Market Link: Age of Defenders

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