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Flickitty Review – A strangely very cool game for Android

If your idea of flinging a kitty around sounds like fun, then read on. Okay, not a real kitty, but a cool, cartoon-y graphically rendered kitty that you fling around while trying to avoid him from getting frozen, burned, and bashed into walls.

Name: Flickitty | Developer: Randall Schleufer | Genre: Arcade & Action | Players: Single | Version: 1.100 | Size: 9.7MB | Price: $0.99 (Full) |

Flick’s primary goal in the game is to become a star employee. In order to do so, he must complete tasks that his boss sets forth for him. And even though his boss is humorously rude to Flick, the kitty is determined to earn that badge of Star Employee. In order to complete these tasks, you simply flick/fling him around. I noticed the kitty’s animation is much like what would be a ragdoll.


You’re on a time table to complete these tasks and there are a lot of hazards like freeze guns and blow torches. However, if you complete the tasks, you’re given awarded a new hat which grants you new abilities. Oh, and no matter how much damage you take, you don’t die. The game play impression of the game is really fun at first but gets a bit monotonous as the levels continue. While the scenery slightly changes, it still essentially remains the same.

Flickitty Features:

  • 5 different regions with 3 different gravities.
  • Collect over 20 hats for your character to wear.
  • 20 different missions.
  • In-game map editor.



Graphically the game is extremely impressive. Flick is well-drawn as well as the scenery around him. In an off way it’s as if the graphic artists of Mario Bros, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Dragons Lair got together and decided to draw up Flick’s world. Strangely enough, this is a game that you sometimes want to throw the protagonist into danger—each time Flick gets hit with a flamethrower or electrocuted or shot with the freeze cannon, he physically changes from being a cindered version of himself to being a kitty of bones and anything in between. So, really, this game makes up for in graphics for any monotony that may come from the game play.

The game is definitely worth downloading and giving it a shot as it will only run you a buck.

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