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Gameloft’s free version of Uno taken down off the Android Market temporarily.

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Gameloft had released an ad-supported free version of the classic card game Uno, much to a lot of people’s happiness. Those of you who were able to download it got to enjoy it while other people had some problem. If you didn’t get a chance to nab it, you won’t see it available now and here is why.

We reached out to Gameloft about the disappearance of the free version of Uno and they have told us that it’s strictly a temporary thing. There was a bug found in the free version that was not allowing it to work on some devices so they have temporarily taken it down. The good news though is that they plan to have it back up in a couple of days or so.


When it arrives back on the market, it should be fixed for those devices that were affected by the bug. For those of you curious about the free version, it comes with everything the paid version does, including multiplayer. It just happens to be ad-supported. When it arrives back on the Android Market, we will be sure to let you know so you can grab it and get playing.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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