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Nelphy Games releases a new physics-based puzzler called HeavenHell

Nelphy Games has released a new title onto the Android Market called HeavenHell. This particular title is a physics-based puzzle game where you have to use the angels in order to rid each stage of the demons that plague it. This is all done using the laws of physics.

In order to rid each stage of the demons, you have to use the angels. This is done by tapping the square angels to make them turn into circle ones. At that point the laws of physics and gravity take over and you will, hopefully, get rid of a demon or two with an angel. You’ll also have to turn the demons into circles as well for them to move so there is a two-step process to getting rid of the pesky demons. This also adds an extra level of challenge as you can use some demons to your advantage (keeping them square) before turning them into circles later on and bumping them off the screen.


HeavenHell Features:

  • 4 different worlds with a total of 80 levels spread across them
  • Great physics gameplay and challenge
  • Entertaining visuals
  • Optimized for both smartphones and tablets


Each stage also comes with a 3 gem rating system and, depending on how many gems you collect while getting rid of the demons, that will end up being your rank for that level. If you’re in the mood for a bit of a different type of physics-based puzzle game right now and enjoy rather cute but entertaining graphics, you might want to check this one out. You can download HeavenHell off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Nelphy Games

Android Market Link: HeavenHell

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