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Red Fly Studios blasts off onto Android with Inertia: Escape Velocity

Ten days ago we talked about a game coming to Android that not only featured some great visuals but some pretty interesting and fun gravity defying game mechanics called Inertia: Escape Velocity. Well Red Fly Studios has unleashed this bad boy onto the Android Market today.

In Inertia: Escape Velocity, you will be use the game’s unique gameplay mechanic to manipulate gravity in order to float and glide through each level, navigating around force fields, barriers, and other obstacles, while collecting space debris for points. Similar to Cordy in terms of game style with multi-platform levels and graphics, the game comparison ends there thanks to the great unique game mechanics you’ll need to use to be successful in this game.


Inertia: Escape Velocity Features:

  • Physics-based platformer: employ a unique anti-gravity element to float, glide, and bounce around deep space environments to collect space junk for ship repair and to unlock new planets.
  • Console gameplay on mobile devices: with high-quality graphics, intense and challenging levels, and a unique gameplay mechanic, core gamers will appreciate a console gaming experience on a portable platform.
  • Control settings: the game uses on-screen controls for movement, jumping, and gravity control, but players can also opt to use challenging “tilt” controls that turn the entire device into the controller. 
  • Inferno levels: for even more of a challenge, players can try their hand at these high-difficulty versions of each level.
  • Award-winning gameplay: Inertia: Escape Velocity builds on the award-winning gameplay that won Best Non-Professional Game, Achievement in Gameplay, Technical Achievement, and Gamers’ Choice Awards at DICE’s Indie Game Challenge 2011.
  • Defy Physics!: Manipulate gravity at will to float through levels, bounce off of walls, and negotiate challenges such as attractors, repulsors, accelerators, launchers, force fields, and more.
  • HD: The special HD version features incredible high-resolution graphics that take full advantage of your tablet’s display.
  • Explore: Investigate derelict space stations and junkyard planets to collect scrap and gain access to new levels.
  • Hours of gameplay: Over 35 levels of gravity-warping fun!
  • Replayability: Win badges for speed runs and completion, collect scrap to unlock advanced levels.
  • OpenFeint: Integrated with OpenFeint for a great social gaming experience, complete with Achievements and Leaderboards.


Inertia comes with both virtual, on-screen controls or you can choose to use tilt-based controls instead depending on your preference. Tilt controls look like it would definitely add more challenge to the game than the on-screen ones. Inertia: Escape Velocity comes in four flavors: A free lite version for normal devices, a free lite HD version for tablets and HD devices, a full paid version for normal devices and finally an HD version for tablets and HD Android devices.

Developer Website: Inertia: Escape Velocity

Android Market Link: Inertia: Escape Velocity HD (Full)

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