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Handy Games releases Candy Carnage. It’s cute and bloody all at the same time.

Handy Games is known for making quality Android games that are rather unique in their themes. Dynamite Fishing is a good example of that as is the Guns N’ Glory series of games along with pretty much every other titles they have released. So it’s not really surprising to see Candy Carnage being released which is a cute, yet bloody, game.

You live in the cute world of Candyland and all is well. Then suddenly a horde of ravenous butchers are coming after the princesses to mercilessly slaughter her where she stands. Pleasant times it is in Candyland these days. It’s an easy casual game to play where you just tap on the heads of the butchers to ‘dispose’ of them before they manage to swing their rather large butcher knives and take a princesses head off.


Candy Carnage Features:

  • Bloody tap ‘n’ smash action game
  • Crudely humorous cartoon-style graphics
  • Save hundreds of cute princesses from a horrifying death
  • Dozens of savage waves to beat
  • Go Carnage and play 32 challenging levels nonstop
  • Go Candy and earn 96 stars
  • Enjoy the rocking fairy tale soundtrack
  • Brutal highscore battles on OpenFeint
  • App to SD


It’s definitely crude and fun to play this game and it fits right into their catalog of other uniquely themed games. If it were some other regular developers who put this game out we would be thinking they were under new management but with Handy Games, this is right at home. You can pick up Candy Carnage off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Handy Games

Website Referenced: Androidguys

Android Market Link: Candy Carnage

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