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Become a heavily armed bird in Weapon Chicken for Android

There are angry birds and then there are angry birds. In a new game from EasyFunGame, you are a rather angry bird, actually a chicken to be exact, who happens to be heavily armed with the sole purpose of destroying all the monsters in each stage of this dual-stick 3D action game.

The controls are simple, left joystick to move and the right joystick to aim and fire. With these controls in place, your job is to clear out 3 different worlds with a variety of monsters who have taken over. As you mow down all these monsters you will be able to find health packs and various power-ups to give you even stronger weapons including a full sized tank.


Weapon Chicken Features:

  • Solid 3D graphics
  • Easy dual joystick controls
  • Plenty of monsters to kill
  • Plenty of power-ups to help kill all the monsters
  • Papaya Social network


Even though you can pick up more bullets and power-up along the way, scattered throughout each world, you are also able to purchase stronger weapons and gear as you collect cash killing this monsters who seemed to have really pissed you off. Weapon Chicken is a completely free game to download and play so if you are in the mood for some face shooting as a chicken, you may want to check this new game out.

Developer Website: EasyFunGame

Android Market Link: Weapon Chicken

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