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Facebook’s most popular Unity3D built game is coming to Tegra Android tablets soon

Facebook has a lot of games with a large portion of them probably being decent while a select few are actually really high quality games. One such game, which is also available to play outside of Facebook as a browser-based title is a futuristic FPS game built using Unity3D called Uberstrike.

According to the company behind Uberstrike, they are planning to bring this to the mobile gaming stage on both iOS and Android. While only the iOS version has been seen in existence, the CEO of Cmune, Ludovic Bodin, confirmed that they are currently working with nVidia to bring this multiplayer FPS game over to Android. This would also indicate that it will be a Tegra chipset game but as to whether it will be Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 has yet to be mentioned. Bodin did say it would be for tablets though but no word if phones would receive the game.


If you don’t know what Uberstrike is, it is a futuristic multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) that is available to play through Facebook or just through your browser from the official site. It’s futuristic at least regarding the weapons although the characters almost look like they are from ancient times. Think of a ninja looking character roaming around with a laser-like Gatling gun. From some of the videos I’ve watched, a lot of the maps look like open terrain but there are probably some city style maps as well. It also looks like characters are fairly customizable in how they look.

No word yet on just when Uberstrike will land on Android or iOS but at least we know it’s coming. Of course if you want to try it out now, you can always do so through Facebook or from the official website of Uberstrike. It will be cross-platform multiplayer though and with over 1 million monthly players, there will be plenty of people to shoot in the face.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Official Site: Uberstrike

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