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After a long break Camel Games comes out with a location-based 3D MMORPG called Little Empire

We haven’t heard much from the fine folks over at Camel Games in while. We thought perhaps they were taking a break, having an extended beer or something but apparently they have actually been hard at work on their new title which just got released today called Little Empire.

Little Empire is being boasted as the first LBS (Location-based services) 3D MMORPG for Android (and mobile in general). While we aren’t 100% sure about mobile in general, it definitely looks like a first for Android. This new game combines tower defense and real-time strategy into an MMORPG title wrapped up in 3D visuals and then mixed in with location-based services. It’s a lot to take in but the outcome looks pretty impressive already.


As you may have guessed, you can build up your empire by creating new buildings in order to produce new troops and better weapons and abilities. You also have your very own hero to command said troops. Like an RTS game though you will have to gather resources as well and battle it out for territory while defending your own. Combat is also interesting as it resembles something similar to Plants vs Zombies where you actually have formations in combat. Long range units in the back, close combat up front, things of that nature.

There is an arena system that player can enter and compete against others around the world. Apparently you can even enslave other players which is pretty unique in itself although as of the time of writing this we don’t know exactly how that works yet.


You also have your typical MMORPG features which include a plethora of weapons and gear, abilities and over 100 missions to complete all while trying to defend your own territory and conquer others and trying to own people in arena combat. It’s a pretty impressive feat that Camel Games has pulled off as your next enemy could actually be your neighbor next door, both in-game and out. While other location-based MMORPGs rely on an actual map of your area, Little Empire has it’s own and is completely submerged in 3D graphics making it feel like an MMORPG instead of your typical location-based multiplayer game.

If you are looking for something definitely unique and new, Little Empire should be one title to check out. You can download the game off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: N/A

Android Market Link: Little Empire

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